DM-780’s integration with the Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook makes it very simple to log each QSO by using the ALE (Add Log Entry) panel.


Add Log Entry (ALE) panel

If you do not have Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook running and are not connected to it, this panel will be grayed out. If active, you can manually enter a callsign in the Call field, press the TAB key on your keyboard and depending on how you have the call lookup configured in Logbook, the call will be looked up and all information will be populated in the ALE.
Once the callsign and other information is entered in the ALE, the “HIS TABS” will become active in the macros and when used will be replaced with the data from the ALE window.
There is also an alternate method of entering the callsign into the ALE and automatically completing the look-up.
You can place your mouse cursor on the callsign in the Receive Pane and right-click.


ALE Alternate Method

Using this method brings up a context menu where you can select Callsign, left-click and the call will automatically be added to the ALE and the look-up will be performed to populate the rest of the data. This method makes logging quick and easy, especially during contesting.
In performing this alternate method of entering a callsign into the ALE, you might have noticed another feature of DM-780. When you hover over a callsign, a balloon will pop up indicating whether you have worked and logged the call in the past.


Worked Status Pop-up

Again, these features will only work if you have Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook running and connected to DM-780.

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