Start DM780 from within your Ham Radio Deluxe application by clicking on the DM780 button in the toolbar. For now continue to use the Dem-o-matic TS-2000 rig if you do not have a data interface with your radio.

When you first open the DM780 for the first time you will see a Getting started dialog that you must complete. The first item of business is entering your callsign.


  • 1 Click where is says Click here. This will open the Programs Options window.
  • In the first dialog line your callsign should auto-populate with the callsign listed in License Manager.
  • Enter you name in the line below labeled Name. We will come back and enter more information later in this chapter.


  • In the Programs Options window, select Soundcard in the first window on the left side.
  • Verify that the correct sound card is selected. If it is not... we'll you know what to do. We will save calibration for a bit later.
  • Close the Program Options dialog window.


  • On the Toolbar click on Radio if it is not open.
  • Click on the Configure button in the Radio toolbar. This will open the Radio Configure dialog window.


  • The Configure Radio window is where you layout your display. This is similar to what you can do in Ham Radio Deluxe Rig Control. If you do not see any radio functions, click on the Connect button.


  • You can close the Configure Radio window.

Interfaces for digital modes