Clicking on the Program Options icon brings up the menu where you can configure the appearance and many options found in DM-780. Below is a brief description of each option.


Program Options Menu
  • Appearance: Select the theme and skins used for the main display
  • Callsign (My Info): Enter information about your station used in macro tags and the My Station screens.
  • Clock: Configure appearance and time format of the toolbar clock
  • Logbook: Configures and connects DM-780 to Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook.
  • Modes + IDs: Configure CW and RTTY Ports and setup RSID and Video ID
  • PTT: Configure transmit Push To Talk options
  • Radio: Configure appearance of the radio pane
  • QSO: Configure appearance of the receive and transmit panes
  • Soundcard: Configuration of the soundcard used by DM-780
  • Sounds: Enable warning sounds used by DM-780
  • Storage: Configure program and storage directories for DM-780
  • SuperSweeper: Configure DM-780’s panoramic frequency monitor screen
  • Waterfall: Configure DM-780’s waterfall appearance and options
  • Alarms: Set and maintain alarms
  • Favorites: Set up and maintain frequency/mode listings
  • Macros: Access to the Macro Manager
  • Modes: Create Modes toolbar on the waterfall display
  • Navigator: Configuration for U.S. Interface Navigator
  • Audio Recorder: Configure Ham Radio Deluxe audio recorder utility
  • PSK Reporter: Configure PSK Propagation Reporter
  • Soundcard Calibration: Calibrates soundcard for use in SSTV
  • Time Synchronization: Adjust computer’s time to national time standards

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