Router setup:

Note: The specific port numbers do not matter. The key is consistency - the same port number must be used for each function every time it is used.

Assign the radio control virtual COM port.

Assign RTS for PTT on the same port as CAT. This will be used for PTT by HRD.

Assign a port for CW.

If you intend to use the RTTY-45-FSK capability in DM-780, set a port for FSK. Uncheck the PTT box.


On the Keying tab set “Serial port PTT” to PTT and select PA PTT/LNA PTT as appropriate.

Save settings to a preset by selecting menu Preset | Save as. Choose a position and name it HRD/DM780.

  1. Ham Radio Deluxe setup:


Select your transceiver manufacturer and model.

Set COM Port to the port you selected for CAT in Router.

 Set the data rate for your transceiver's CAT connection.

Click “Connect”


Select Radio Options → Options → COM Port TX



Set “COM Port Pin” to RTS  

Check “Always use RTS instead of sending CAT commands.”

Click “OK”


  1. DM 780 setup:


Start DM780

Select Soundcard | Options

Set the Input (Receive) device to USB Audio CODEC

Set the Output (Transmit) device to USB Audio CODEC

Set the Output (Transmit) level to 0 dB.

Select Program Options → Modes +IDs  CW

Check “use PTT” unless you prefer QSK CW

Check Enable serial (COM) port keying


Set Serial port to the port you selected for CW in Router and check “DTR”



Select PTT

Choose “Via Ham Radio Deluxe”



If you plan to use RTTY-45-FSK (FSK), select Modes + IDs  RTTY

Check the Enable box under FSK Keying

Set Port to the port you defined for FSK in Router.

Select “Microham 1 (TX) only”

Close Program Options