Controlling your rotor is a little different in DM-780 than in other modules of HRD.

The rotor is positioned using the contact’s Grid Locator drawn into the software when a callsign lookup is done and the data is populated in the DM-780 ALE panel.

To activate the rotor control in DM-780, place your cursor on any blank area of the DM- 780 toolbar and right clock. A dropdown menu will show as seen in the image below.

Click on the “Locator” option as shown to place a check mark in front of this option.




Once you have checked the “Locator” option in the dropdown, a small “Locator” tab will be placed in the left hand corner of the DM-780 screen, just below the “QSO” icon on the toolbar.


 When you have entered the callsign of your contact in the ALE window and your HRD system has     done the callsign lookup and has populated the ALE with the contact’s locator, or you have manually  entered the contact’s locator in the ALE, this tab will change and will display the contact’s locator, the azimuth heading and the distance from your station to the contacts.



Clicking on the little arrow icon to the right of the heading information will activate your rotor and rotate it to the indicated heading for the contact.