When using a Yaesu rotor (G-1000, G2800, G450, G5500, or G-800) with a Yaesu GS-232A/B interface, there are two calibrations that must be completed. This calibration is best done BEFORE you put the rotor on the tower.

Calibrating the Rotor to the Control Box

The first calibration is done without the GS-232 interface. This process calibrates the rotor to the rotor control box (the box with the dial and buttons on it, rather than the PC interface). You must do this first. You will use the manual received in the box with the rotor to perform this calibration. You can also obtain the manual from Yaesu's website.

The specific pages are as follows:

Once this is completed, the direction of the rotor should match the azimuth shown on the control box's dial.

Calibrating the Control Box to the GS-232A/B Computer Interface

The second step is required for computer control. Failure to do this step will likely cause the azimuth of the physical rotor to be incorrectly reported to the software (regardless of what software is used). This manual 'should' be included with your GS-232A/B interface. Yaesu's website doesn't make it particularly easy to find these manuals if you need them.

[NOTE: In HRD Rotator, there is a "Logfile" that shows the communications between the PC and the GS-232A/B. If this calibration has not been done, you will likely notice that the azimuth reported by the GS-232A/B doesn't not match what you see on the control box dial.]

These instructions do not tell you this, but you will need terminal software to complete these steps. We recommend using PuTTY. It's free and you can find it with a Google search. [Reference: This is where they say "the computer's display will show" a message. You will see this within the terminal software.]

The specific pages are as follows:

Once you have completed both of these calibrations, the software (HRD Rotator) will accurately track the physical azimuth of the rotor.

The GS-232A/B manual also includes the additional commands that set the maximum rotation of travel for the rotor. It's important to note that the maximum direction of travel for the rotor (360 vs 450 degrees) is set and managed within the PC interface (like the GS-232A/B), rather than within software. Software cannot cause the rotor to rotate past the point that the PC interface is configured for.

Video Demonstration from the Ham Radio Deluxe YouTube Channel

Here is a video from the Ham Radio Deluxe YouTube channel that demonstrates this entire process: