Recently we have had operators report that the audio input of the soundcard used for the Digital Master 780 module would stop working and they would have no signal display on the DM-780 waterfall. We discovered that the Microphone input (recording device) for the soundcard used for DM-780 would, for no apparent reason, mute itself automatically.

This documentation provides instructions for a possible solution to this issue.


The first part to this solution involves opening the Windows Control panel and selecting the “Sound” app.


Once in the Sound app, click on the “Communications” tab (#1)


Put a “tick” in the radio button for the option that says “Do nothing” (#2)


Once this change is made, click the [Apply} then the [OK] buttons to exit out of the Sound app.



The second part to this fix depends on whether or not you’re running the “Skype” software on the computer. If you are, open the Skype software and open the “Options” settings. Select the “Audio settings” from the menu on the left. In this screen, make sure there are no check marks in the “Automatically Adjust Microphone settings” and the “Automatically adjust speaker settings” boxes. (#1 & #2)


 Once these settings have been changes, run the HRD software and open DM-780. Check to see if this restores signals to your Waterfall and ensure it remains operational. If the waterfall is totally blank, again, open the Control Panel and the Sound app. Next, open the recording device level tab on the soundcard that’s used by DM-780 to ensure it is not muted. If it is, un-mute it, close the Sound app and the Control Panel. This should restore the audio for the Waterfall in DM-780.