DM-780 is a very sophisticated, feature packed, program that allows you to send and receive many of the popular amateur radio digital modes, including SSTV and several PSK versions using a computer sound card. It supports AFSK modes as well as FSK RTTY.

The program integrates with the Ham Radio Deluxe Rig Control program to control band and frequency changes without exiting the program. It also integrates with the Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook to allow easy callsign look-ups and logging of your digital contacts through its built-in Add Log Entry (ALE) screen.

DM-780 has features not found in any other program on the market today. The SuperSweeper gives you the ability to view and decode multiple signals using CW, BPSK and RTTY in a single window. You can also enable the SuperSweeper History file to keep track of and display information about callsigns you have heard from your location.

The SSTV module has a built-in editor for creating templates for your outgoing messages on background pictures from your own photo collections. It can also place an incoming picture within one of your outgoing pictures so your contact can see just exactly how his transmission looked when you received it. These are just a few of the many great features of DM-780.

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