Here is the setup information for the FTDX-3000 to get everything working using radio USB

port and its internal USB sound card. If you read and follow the instructions carefully you

should have no problem getting your FTDX-3000 and HRD talking to each other in no time at


The following instructions are for Radio Menu Settings.


Menu 037 CAT SELECT to USB

Menu 038 CAT RATE to 38400bps

Menu 040 CAT RTS to ENABLE

Menu 065 PC KEYING to DTR


Menu 076 MIC GAIN to MCVR - this allows you to use the mic gain control to set data input


Menu 077 DATA OUT LEVEL to 1 - the USB audio output is hot (very high level).

The following radio settings are OPTIONAL and used ONLY if you are going to attempt to use

RTTY FSK instead of the RTTY AFSK, which is what most operators use.

Menu 093 RTTY SHIFT PORT to USB - this however did not work with DM780 as I mentioned


Menu 096 RTTY OUT LEVEL to 1 - again as a result of high audio out levels from the radios

built in USB sound card.

Once you have the radio menus set correctly, continue on:

Next, run the HRD program and connect to your radio as instructed in the HRD Users Manual

Once you have the HRD software connected to your radio, run the Digital Master program and

proceed to setup the Digital portion of HRD to operate with your FTDX-3000.

FTDX-3000 USB Digital Setup

The following instructions will assist you in setting up the FTDX-3000 for operating in the

HRD Digital Modes using the USB connection and the built-in soundcard in the radio.

Load the Digital Master 780 software. On the main screen click on the "Radio" icon to open the 

"Radio Pane" on the left side of your DM-780 display. Another option to open the Radio Pane

is to click on "VIEW" on the main menu and select "Radio Pane" from the menu options.

Configuring DM Radio Pane

An important step in setting up DM780 is the configuration of the Radio Pane. On the DM780

top menu click on VIEW > then click on RADIO and the following Radio Pane will appear on

your display.

Your radio pane may not look exactly like the one to the left. The buttons displayed are all dependent of the exact manufacturer and model of your radio, however this will give you an idea of how to configure the radio pane for DM-780.

Click the "Configuration" icon indicated by the red arrow. This opens the Radio Pane configuration page as seen below.

In the image above you will first see the HRD User interface information.
Be certain it shows an "Address" of "localhost" and a port of "7809" Be certain there is a check mark in the box to

Automatically connect, then click on the "Connect" button.

There MUST be at least a "TX" button configured in order for DM780 to key your radio from

within the digital modes, so, our next step is to place our cursor on the button marked "TX"

and left-click. This will open the button options screen as seen below.

Once this is open, select and highlight "TX" as shown above, and click the "OK" button on the

bottom of the Select button menu. This activates the TX button in the Radio Pane. Now, all you

do is click the "SAVE" button on the bottom of the configuration window and you will be

returned to the main DM780 window.

Next we need to configure the soundcard. On the DM-780 toolbar, click on the "Program

Options" icon. Once in the Program Options dialog, select the "Soundcard" from the menu

items on the left.

Although the options may appear somewhat different in your installation, it is important that

you select the options for both the Transmit and Receive device that contains the words (USB

Audio Codec) as shown in the image above.

Next, select the PTT option from the menu on the left and set the PTT selection to "via Ham

Radio Deluxe" as indicated in the image below.

One final setting is needed in the Program Options. Click on "Modes + IDs in the menu on the

left. Place a check mark in the "use PTT" check box as shown below. This setting is required if

you are connected to the radio via a USB cable and are planning on operating in the CW mode.

Once ALL of the above settings are set and confirmed, you can close the Program Options


Now, set your radio's mode to "Mode: Data U".

This setting is what is used for ALL the digital modes used with the DM-780 program.

You should now be ready to select PSK or any of the other digital modes in the Digital Master

780 program and you're ready to have fun.

NOTE: When using RTTY AFSK or CW (SB), you must leave the radio set

EXACTLY as above and select ONLY the "RTTY (AFSK)" mode for RTTY and

when attempting to work CW you must select the "CW (SSB)" mode from the

DM-780 modes selections. Any other selections other than RTTY(AFSK) and CW

(SSB) will not work when attempting to use these modes when connected to the

FTDX3000 via the USB connection.