When using JTAlert to log your contacts from WSJT-X to the Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook, there is an option for logging to an ADIF 3.1.0 Compliant logbook. This option - as shown below - SHOULD NOT be used.


To properly log QSOs automatically into HRD Logbook, please use the following method:

Be certain that you have enabled the QSO Forwarding port here: QSO Forwarding

Do not enable both methods or you will get duplicates in your log.

Using the "UDP Transmission" is the Ham Radio Deluxe supported method for logging QSOs from an external program. This ensures that your inbound QSOs get proper callsign lookup completion, based on the options you have set within HRD Logbook's Callsign Lookup options... which includes other sources like the Unique Callsign Database (UCSDB) and previous QSOs in your logbook.