Ham Radio Deluxe Software is sold direct to customers via our website.

We also sell Ham Radio Deluxe Software through dealers, such as - Ham Radio Outlet (HRO), Gigaparts, & R&L Electronics. (Thanks to our dealers.)

The activation key is provided to you by the dealer. The software is a downloaded from www.hamradiodeluxe.com and then it is activated by the operator with the key provided by the dealer.

When you make your purchase from a dealer, the item on their website may refer to our product as a "Digital Download" or "Downloadable Version."

But it's important to understand that the dealer will provide you your activation key - either shipped by mail or by hand in their store.

Once you have the key from the dealer, you can download Ham Radio Deluxe and activate the software using the key provided by the dealer. [This (the software) is the "digital download" part.]

You are the dealer's customer until you have activated the key. Once you have activated the key, you will appear in HRD Software systems and you will be our customer for Ham Radio Deluxe from that point forward.

The dealer's packaging for Ham Radio Deluxe will look like this:

If you did not receive a package containing your activation key from the dealer that looks like this, please contact the dealer for resolution.

If you have received a package containing your activation key from the dealer and you are having trouble activating your key, please view this helpful resource: 

I Typed in My Software Activation Key and It Says It's Not Valid