The system doesn't send out invalid keys. The most common cause has to do with entry errors.

Take these steps:

  • Download the latest version of Ham Radio Deluxe from and then launch HRD Rig Control
  • If you were using a trial key, deactivate it here (the program will close; then launch it again)
  • Read the privacy policy and check the box (failure to do so will prevent the key from activating)
  • Enter your callsign into the Callsign field (on the first activation of a key, this mates the key to your call)
  • Then enter your key using the method described as follows:
To avoid possible mistakes when inputting your activation key into the License Manager, please copy (Ctrl-C) the software activation key from the email and paste (Ctrl-V) it into your software. 

NOTE: If you are entering the activation key by hand, be advised... we are finding that many folks mistake capital "I" and lower case "L" for the number "1" and vice-versa. Also it's sometimes difficult to distinguish between "O" and "0" (zero).

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