If you tried to retrieve your software activation key from our self-service key retrieval page and the system can't find you... and you believe you have purchased from us in the past... don't worry. We can help you.

IMPORTANT: If you have purchased the software from us at ANY time in the past, please DO NOT buy the software again. It's not necessary. While we appreciate the donation, we don't want you to buy the software again. We can find your previous purchase and get you an updated replacement key. (You are welcome to buy the New Features and Support renewals.)

(Ed. We see a lot of existing customer buying the software as new when they don't need to do that.)

Our new software activation key platform went into production in July 2019. All customers of record at that time were sent replacement keys (except in cases where we didn't have valid email addresses on record; don't worry, we can help you).

Please read the following before contacting support.

  • Find and check your receipt. See what email address was used on the last order.
  • Try retrieving it with the email address from a previous order (if you still have access to that email address).
  • If you used an alias or forwarding email address (like arrl.net) for your purchase, you need to use that to retrieve your key.
    • It does get confusing because you are receiving email from us to your actual email address, but that email address is not in our system. Overall, we recommend not using alias or forwarding email addresses in order to avoid confusion.
    • NOTE: This is the most common reason why customers are unable to find their key. They registered with an arrl.net email address, but are attempting to retrieve their key with a different email address.
  • If none of this works, just email sales@hrdsoftwarellc.com and give us your callsign and email address used for the previous purchase.
  • If you need to change your email address or callsign, login to your profile at www.HamRadioDeluxe.com and update our callsign or email address there..

While we hams all think our callsign is our unique identifier, the systems that we use were not built for ham radio software. General purpose systems use email address as the unique identifier. In most cases, you will need to retrieve your key using the email address associated with your previous purchase.

For your software activation key, access to support, and for viewing your purchase history, it's important to use the same email address for all these communications.

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