Many operators ask similar questions on how to filter spots in the DX Cluster. Setting spot filters are done from the "SERVER" end and not within HRD directly. Each DX Cluster NODE runs different node software. Mike, WA9PIE, one of the HRD owners owns and operates the WA9PIE-2 DX cluster node, which runs the DX Spider software. He has produced videos on our YouTube channel to demonstrate the use of these filters on HIS DX Spider node. He has also answered many questions in the HRD Forums pertaining to this very topic.

These commands are sent to the DX cluster node you connect to using the "Console" view in the DX Cluster pane.

When you're done setting filters on the DX Cluster node, you need to set the "Show" back to Spots. See the video referenced below for a demonstration.

Note that the filters you create are stored on the specific DX cluster node you set them on. You should also set the "show/mydx" option found in the Selection tab of the DX Cluster options referenced here: Setup & Configuration - DX Cluster

As an example, if an American only wanted to see spots sent from other hams in the operator's country/area, and if the operator didn't want to see spots for US callsigns (in other words, DX spots sent by US hams for only foreign callsigns), then the filters would be set up something like this:

reject/spot 1 call_dxcc w (this command rejects spots FOR stations with USA callsigns)

accept/spot 2 by w,ve (this command accepts only spots FROM stations with USA or Canadian callsigns)

Alternately, the last could be "accept/spot by_zone 3,4,5", which only accepts spots from CQ Zones 3, 4 & 5.

You can clear your filters by typing "clear/spots all".

The DX Spider filtering manual can be found here:

For examples, watch the tutorial video and you should understand more.

DX Cluster FeaturesVideo:

Editorial Note from WA9PIE: As a DXer, what I really care about is HF DX spotted by operators in North America.

Here are my filter commands (with comments you won't type):

reject/spot 1 freq 2m (I'm not looking for 2m DX. I could probably filter anything above 54Mhz instead. But this works.)

reject/spot 2 freq 60m (DXCC doesn't use 60m. So I filter it.)

reject/spot 3 info dxf (These are spots for stations that never really end up being real.)

reject/spot 4 info bcn (I don't need beacon spots.)

reject/spot 5 call_dxcc w (I don't need any more US stations in my log.)

accept/spot 6 by w,ve (I only want to see spots spotted by operators in the US and Canada.)

As a result of these filters, my spot screen looks like this:

Further - if I use the WSI Filters in HRD Logbook, then I only see what I need to work. Today's filter looks like this:

Spots that meet the criteria of filters are automatically colored maroon.