Many other similar programs will claim that they run on Mac or Linux - "using virtual machines." This is a bit disingenuous. It's like saying "my bicycle can go 100 mph - "while in the back of pickup truck."

But if you're a Mac or Linux fan, there is absolutely a way to run Ham Radio Deluxe on that computer. This is done the same way that any other Windows-native software is able to run on Mac or Linux.

Requirements for Mac or Linux - (a) virtual machine software like VirtualBox by Oracle or VMWare Workstation (by VMWare) and (b) a valid license for Microsoft Windows.

Windows software runs on Mac or Linux by running in Windows, in a virtual machine, on Mac or Linux.

Once you get Windows running in your virtual machine, the software installs in the Windows VM just like it would on Windows... because it IS Windows.

The nice things about doing this on a Mac is that you can boot to the Mac OS and swipe back-n-forth into Windows, as-if it were just another application running on the Mac.