Ham Radio Deluxe is a 32-bit application and it is designed to run on the 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows which are supported by Microsoft.

The Logbook uses MS Access by default or you can use MySQL, see Database for more information.

Ham Radio Deluxe can be installed in under a minute. Special knowledge is not needed – the kit does everything for you!

Download the latest version of Ham Radio Deluxe by clicking the "Download" menu at the top of our website at www.HamRadioDeluxe.com and save it to a location on your computers (normally the "Downloads" folder).

Normally, you will not need to reboot your computer when the installation completes., Ham Radio Deluxe does not update your system files or change your system’s configuration in any way.

Find the setup.exe file that you downloaded and double-click it.

Once you launch the setup.exe file, you will see the following message:

(1) UAC Permission.png

This message tells you that our installation file is registered with a digital certificate that verifies the authenticity of the installation file.

You may see the installation of the default Access Runtime engine as follows:

(2) Install MSVC++ 2017 (If not currently installed).png

The installation wizard will then begin...

(3) Install Wizard.png

...and you will see the following image:

(4) Welcome To HRD Setup.png

You must accept the terms of the software license agreement.

(5) Accept EULA.png

You 'can' select the folder where Ham Radio Deluxe will be installed. Due to Windows security considerations, we strongly recommend against changing the installation folder. Please use the suggested default.

(6) HRD Installation Screen 6.png

Select the folder in the Start menu where the Ham Radio Deluxe entries will be added, the suggested default is recommended.

(7) HRD Installation Screen 7.png

Click "Next" to start the installation.

(8) HRD Installation Screen 8.png

The progress of the installation is shown while the software is being installed.

(9) HRD Installation Screen 9.png

When the installation is complete, you will see the following result:

(10) HRD Installation Screen 10.png

You may check the box to run Ham Radio Deluxe following the installation.

Then press Finish.

Continue to the next section for instructions on activating the software.

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