All of our systems use the same outbound email platform by a company called "SendGrid." The delivery from this system is extremely fast and reliable (which is why we use it). It never fails to send email.

If you are on this page because you are having trouble getting your password reset on, this page should offer you some tips.

The nice thing about SendGrid is that is does a great job of tracking delivery of email. It can tell us if the email has been sent from SendGrid, received by the recipient's email host, and opened by the recipient.

In this example, I'm looking in SendGrid to make sure that a password reset email was sent to me.

Here, I can see that SendGrid sent the email, it was received by my email provider, put into my email account, and opened by me (twice). If you report trouble receiving email from us, we always check here first.

If you have gone through the process of having a password reset email sent to you, you should see it in less than 60 seconds (normally, it's just a few seconds). 

If you do not see the email:

  • be confident that it's been sent to the email address you provided
  • check your spam folder (be sure to allow emails from
  • search your email for email " subject:password" (see this exact search in the following example)

If - after checking your spam folder and searching your Inbox - it's not productive to continue asking the page to resend the password reset email messages.

If you do not find this email, please contact us via our support site and let us know. We will reset your password for you.