Past experience with LoTW and their TQSL failing to sign the ADIF file has led us to a couple issues, both pertaining directly to the way LOTW's interface works for the uploads.

The first problem is in the Station Location in the TQSL application. If your Station Location Name in the TQSL application has been configured to contain numbers, spaces, punctuation marks or special characters, the TQSL will fail to sign the ADIF file. If for example, you have a Station Location Names like "N4HRD", "N4HRD - Home", "St. Louis, MO" or anything resembling these, the TQSL will not sign the ADIF. Your Station Location Name should be entered as just one word, with no numbers, punctuation marks, special characters or spaces.

For example, your Station Location Name should be entered as "Home", "StLouisMo", "Davenport IA" or something similar. Don't use your callsign in the Station Location Name. Don't use spaces or numbers.

The second issue is with the LoTW Login Password. In September of 2016, LoTW changed their password format requirements making them so complicated that it takes a Philadelphia Lawyer to figure out their rules. They basically said "If it's length is less than so many characters, it has to be entered one way and contain certain combinations of upper case, lower case, and numbers, but if it's longer than a certain number of characters it must contain a different number of upper and lower case letters..... CRAZY!!!!

What I have discovered is this. If you sign in to the LoTW website and change your password to one that contains 10 characters, all lower case ALPHA characters only, no numbers, no capitol letters, no spaces and no special characters, and then use that same password in the HRD LoTW Upload dialog box, it should work.

For example, Lets say your current password for LoTW is "ax@1cAT". That kind of formatted password will NOT work. If you change that password to "spgcqdivad", and use this password in the HRD LoTW Upload dialog, it WILL work. One word of caution though. LoTW will NOT allow a name or a word that is contained in the dictionary to be part of the password. In my example, the last 5 characters "divad" is actually the name "david" spelled backward. If you find your password contains a name (david) or a word like "box" anywhere inside the password, just spell it backwards "xob" and it will work.

None the less, the password should be 10 characters all lower case letters only and it should work for you.

Give this a try and let us know if it worked for you.

Thanks for supporting Ham Radio Deluxe.