The problem is probably not your certificate. Back in the old days, there was a field called "Owner". This was meant to have your callsign in it. But there was also Station Callsign and Operator. ALL THREE meant to contain your callsign (all three redundant). Some folks put their name in the "Owner" field. This is what I think the cause is. So...

Don't request a new certificate.

CAUTION: I'm about to tell you how to edit the Windows registry. Do this with caution.

  • While pressing the Windows key, press "R" (Win+R)
  • Type "regedit" (without the quotes)
  • Answer "Yes" when prompted
  • Find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Amateur Radio\HRD User Profile\YOURCURRENTCALL and click it in the left pane
  • On the right, look for a key that says "Owner". If that doesn't have your current callsign in it:
    • Double-click it
    • Replace whatever is in there with your current call and click "OK"
  • Close regedit

That procedure fixes future QSOs. We now need to fix QSOs that are already in the log.

  • Open Logbook
  • Select the QSOs in your log that you're having trouble uploading (you could select all the QSOs where you've used your current call; but we're trying to fix the current upload problem)
  • Right-click them and drop down to File > Bulk Editor > Any Fields
  • If you didn't make a backup of your log three steps ago, click the Backup button here
  • Click on "Fields"
  • Add Field
  • In the Field drop-down, find and select "Owner callsign"
  • In the "Text" field below, put your current callsign in there (recommend ALL CAPS)
  • Click "OK" to save that
  • Click "OK" to edit these fields
  • Now you can select these QSOs and - if all your other fields match what's on your TQSL certificate - the upload will be fine