Callsign Lookup for One at a Time

When you have it configured, the Callsign Lookup function is called on three events when you are in the Add Log Entry (ALE) window. Once there is a callsign in the "Call" field, you can:

  • press the TAB key to leave the "Call" field,
  • click the "Lookup" button to the right of the "Call" field, or
  • press F7, or click the "Add (F7)" button. This action does the callsign lookup and saves the record in one single action. (use with caution; make sure your QSO details are correct)

Bulk Callsign Lookup

There are cases when operators need to import logs from other programs. This feature (introduced in December 2020) enables the operator to select multiple QSO records and perform the Callsign Lookup on all the selected callsigns.

To use Bulk Callsign Lookup, perform the following steps:

  • Find the QSOs you want to perform this action on. (We would recommend that you do not begin by selecting every QSO in your log. Try a smaller group first so you can see what the results are.) You can find the QSOs by just looking at a range of QSOs in your log; or you can click on one QSO, hold the SHIFT key, and click another QSO and this will select all the QSOs in the range (this is a standard Windows function).

  • Right-click on these selected QSOs and navigate the menu to Lookup > Callsign Lookup

  • Select that menu option and the bulk callsign lookup will begin

You will be prompted to backup your log before completing the bulk callsign lookup. This is VERY recommended.

You will then see two options for how you want to perform this lookup. One - you can fill only the empty fields. Or two - you can fill all fields (even if they're already populated; CAUTION).

IMPORTANT NOTE: The callsign lookup function (bulk or single) can only populate data that it finds from your enabled lookup sources. If you still end up with empty fields, this is because the lookup source did not have data for that field entered by the callsign owner. Callsign lookup does not make or accept estimates for things like grid, CQ zone, or ITU zone in order to protect the validity of award submissions.

Once you have selected either "Only Empty Fields" or "All Fields", the bulk callsign lookup process will begin.

You will see status in the lower right of the logbook pane.

Once the green bar has fully passed to the right and disappeared, the bulk callsign lookup is complete.

You will see the updated records in your log now.

Notice that the "Name" field is populated, compared to the image above. If you open these QSOs, you'll see that the rest of the information was populated where it was available.