In this section, the default layout of the Logbook screen will be described so that the Operator is familiar with the application's layout. The configuration and use of these features will be described later.


Application Ribbon - This provides an easy way to change layouts, flip between Ham Radio Deluxe applications, Main and Sub band tuning sliders, Add Logbook Entry, databases Manager, and configuration. The ribbon will show the user's call and the main and sub band VFO readings.
Left Pane - This has three functions. Favorites is a quick way to access saved frequencies for quick band and mode changes. Lookup pane provides a quick way to invoke the callsign lookup function and get information based on what is in the operator's logbook or lookup source, details about the operator (by callsign), country information. Radio Pane provides a quick way to access rig control features without flipping over to the Rig Control application.
Audio Recorder - This gives the operator the ability to record audio from the radio's AF source.
Logbook - This tab gives the user the ability to view the recent contents of the log.
DX Cluster - This shows DX spotter information from the DX spotting network.
Clock - This shows the current time.
Grayline Map - This shows the grayline map, with regards to the operator's location.
Band Map - This shows all collected spots for a selected band.

If you ever need to reset the layout to this default layout, you click View > Layout > Default to get it back to this state:

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