The bulk-editor is a powerful tool for making mass changes to the data in the logbook. It is highly recommended that a logbook back be made prior to using this tool.

To use the bulk-editor, first select a number of QSO records where the same change is desired by using the “Filter” (search) or by selecting some number of records manually within the log.
There are a number of places to find the Bulk Editor menu option. To use one as an example, right-click on any of the highlighted QSO records, and select one of the provided options.


Any Fields is a very powerful choice, as it enables the operator to change anything in the database in mass (use with care). For this example, Any Fields is selected and the option to backup the logbook is provided.
1. Select Any Fields.
2. Next, select the “Add Field” button.
3. Select the desired field (CQ Zone, in this example)
4. Enter the desired value (10, in this example)
5. Click “Ok”

All the selected QSO record will be updated with the desired value.

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