Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook is built on Microsoft Access. The driver normally used is the Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)ODBC driver. You do not need a license to use Access databases - the runtime DLLs are included in Windows 7 or newer.

You can create and manage additional databases for use within Logbook. You can, if you desire, create a separate database for contest work or a special event. Beware that this can create issues if you are interested in awards tracking.
To manage your database(s), select Manager from the Toolbar.


This opens the Logbook Databases window.


Within this window you can add new or modify existing databases.

Other Databases

Logbook can be built on MySQL if you choose. Support for MySQL is beyond the scope of this document.
Other (non-Ham Radio Deluxe) logbooks are supported via a DDE interface (see DDE Support) and a serial port (see 3rd Party Programs). So you can use the logbook of your choice with Ham Radio Deluxe provided it supports DDE or the Kenwood protocol via a COM port.

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