At present, DM-780 handles 14 of the most popular digital modes used in amateur radio. These modes are BPSK, QPSK, CONTESTIA, CW, DOMINOEX, HELLSCHRIEBER (HELL), MFSK, MT63, OLIVIA, RTTY, RTTYM, THOR and THROB and VOICE. Each mode is subdivided into variants of the mode.

The mode can be selected from a number of places in the DM-780 display, depending on how you customize your display. Modes can also be selected by right-clicking on the waterfall and choosing from the popup menu.


You can select from the Modes Pane, which can be pinned to the display or by clicking on the small mode drop-down tab located in the upper left corner of the Receive Pane.



You will find that some modes, like BPSK and QPSK require only about 25 to 40 watts to maintain a good QSO contact, while others require more power. You will also find that some modes, like OLIVIA and CONTESTIA, require more RF power but perform extremely well under adverse band conditions. You are often able to copy an extremely weak DX station when there is a high noise level using one of these modes.
Experimenting with the different modes and variants can be a lot of fun and you can find the mode that works best for you under even the worst band conditions.

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