During a hamfest in 2017, a few customers asked us if we would give them an option for multi-year renewals of Software Maintenance and Support that included a deeper discount than we normally offered. With the implementation of a new eCommerce webstore in mid-2017, we were able to implement this as an offering.

Customers could obtain a 40% discount by making a multi-year commitment of a renewal.

Customers who cancel the auto-renewal after only one payment at 40% off will see a pro-rated 5 month reduction in Software Maintenance and Support.

The item description contains a section that describes the auto-renewal nature of the transaction.

Item Description

Ham Radio Deluxe Software Maintenance & Support w/Annual Auto-Renewal

Automatic annual renewal for an incremental 12 months of Software Maintenance and Support for existing HRD software licenses.

PLEASE READ: By selecting this item, you are authorizing your card to be automatically billed annually for a Software Maintenance and Support renewal.  If this is not what you intend to do, please select the item titled, "Ham Radio Deluxe Software Maintenance & Support One-Time Renewal".

This Software Maintenance and Support renewal entitles you to direct access to the HRD technical support staff through phone or https://support.HamRadioDeluxe.com and to updates that include bug fixes and new features published during this initial Software Maintenance and Support period.

NOTE: Since most customers will download the software, we do not include a CD with this purchase.  To keep the price down, we sell them separately as an option for those who prefer to receive a CD.

At checkout, and by request, customers now have the ability to sign up for automatic annual renewals.  Your Ham Radio Deluxe activation key will be included in the receipt you receive from us following your purchase.

The system requires customers to read and accept the auto-billing terms by checking a box before the purchase can be completed.

Customers who seek to discontinue the auto-renewal program should contact sales support via our online portal at https://support.hamradiodeluxe.com 

Checkout Terms


By selecting this item:

YOU are authorizing UltraCart to charge your card automatically for a Software Maintenance and Support renewal each year in the future on the anniversary of this transaction. Your discount level will remain the same in subsequent years.

If this is not what you intend to do, please remove this item from your cart and select the item titled, "Ham Radio Deluxe Software Maintenance & Support Renewal".

DO NOT buy additional software products while your auto-renewal is active.  Doing so may cause you to be charged twice.

You can purchase this auto-renewal option before your current Software Maintenance and Support expires. This transaction will add 12 months on to the existing Software Maintenance and Support Expiration - regardless of when your current expiration date is; or it will begin 12 months for expired Software Maintenance and Support. Therefore, if the renewal happens a bit early, the customer gets a full 12 month extension of support.

Each year, your payment card will be charged around the date of your Software Maintenance and Support expiration.

If the auto-renewal is canceled after just one year, 5-months will be removed from the expiration date of Software Maintenance and Support.

If your primary callsign is entered into the field marked "Primary CALLSIGN (Required)", then you will receive an updated software activation key immediately following your purchase via email from "HRD Software <sales@hrdsoftwarellc.com>".

You are purchasing a Renewal of Software Maintenance and Support with the "download only" option. This purchase does not include media (such as a CD or USB flash drive).

No software will be shipped to you. Please return to the Download page on www.HamRadioDeluxe.com to download your software. Activate it with your callsign and the software activation key in the receipt.

PayPal is not accepted for re-billing. As such, only credit card payments are accepted for the auto-renewal item.

HRD Software, LLC does not have access to your payment card information.

PRIVACY: By purchasing this product, you agree that you were informed of and have accepted the terms of our privacy policy:


UltraCart's statement regarding credit card security can be found here: