HRD Logbook has the ability to print QSL and address labels using popular Avery label sheets and Brother or Dymo single label printers.

To print labels, select the QSOs you wish to print labels for and right-click, drop down to File > Print > Labels:

The label printing form will come up:

Under Printer, select your printer.

The font default is "Consolas." We strongly recommend using the defaults for font and font size. Consolas is a "fixed-width" font. This means that it will give you a predictable result. It also has a "strike-through" for the number zero.

Select the label type, based on the label stock you are using.

There are choices about the date format - either "m/d/yyyy" or "Month, Day, Year."

You can choose Frequency or Band by clicking the "Toggle Band" box.

You can select which fields to include in your QSO label.

NOTE: By default, Submode is included for those who will print FT4 QSOs. You can remove this and add it as needed by selecting that row and click the red "X". You can add fields in by clicking the green plus sign. You can reorder them with the up/down arrows.

In the bottom row, you can 

You can select the type of label for QSL label - Traditional or Modern.

You can choose the type of address label. US addresses can include a barcode of the postal (zip) code to assist the postal service with routing.

You can choose whether or not to include the callsign in the address label.