When operators either (a) attempt to register for a 30-day trial key for or (b) make the initial purchase of Ham Radio Deluxe, the callsign is validated on QRZ.com

There are two reasons why this is necessary. One - prior to implementing this requirement, the HRD Software staff was spending a lot of time correcting errors in the entry of callsigns in our systems. (The software won't run properly if the callsign isn't correct.) And two - this validation protects the purchases that customers make. When the information is correct, there should be no problem ensuring that the customer has the product and support they paid for.

If your callsign is not found in QRZ.com, you can register your callsign on QRZ.com for free as follows:

  • Go to www.QRZ.com and search for your callsign (example of the fictitious callsign below)

  • Where it says, "Would you like to add <this callsign> to the database, click "Yes"
  • Add your callsign to the QRZ.com database

Once this is complete, your 30-day trial key or purchase will proceed normally.

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