Each activation key for Ham Radio Deluxe can be installed on up to five computers using your callsign. Sometimes you will want to deactivate the key from computers i order to manage these five active computers.

Activations remain in the system until there is a "deactivation event." So you may have replaced your PC and tossed away the old one or reinstalled Windows. These activities do not create a "deactivation event."

No worries!

With our new software license server, you can manage the machines that your software activation key has been activated on.

Note: Deactivating a key by accident on a computer you did not intend to deactivate does no damage to your log or the installation of Ham Radio Deluxe on that computer. You will simply get prompted for the key the next time you launch the software. Once you activate the key, you will be back to as it was.

You will need your activation key for these steps. If you need your key, you can click the "Email License Keys" item below to have the key emailed to you.

Step 1: To manage the machines activated with your key, visit this site:

Step 2: Click on "Get License Information." You'll see a screen that looks like this:

Take note of the Computer Identifier for the machine(s) you wish to deactivate. Then you can remove them via this same website. 

(NOTE: You will use the Computer Identifier, rather than the Computer Name.)

Step 3: Go back to https://mykeys.hamradiodeluxe.com 

This time select "Deactivate a license." You'll get a screen that looks like this:

Enter your Activation key and the "Computer Identifier" you took not of previously into the "Computer ID" field and then click the "Deactivate" button.

Repeat this step for any other activations you wish to remove.

Keep in mind, you can use this software activation key on as many as FIVE machines. This site is here to enable you to manage your list of machines.

If you can't determine which Computer Identified needs to be deactivated, there's no harm in deactivating all of them. If you do, no data is lost. The next time you launch Ham Radio Deluxe, you'll be prompted to activate (enter your call and activation key) and you'll be right back where you started.

ATTENTION: Before you contact us and tell us this process doesn't work, please read back through it again and notice the highlighted "Computer Identifier" in these instructions. 100% of the operators who contact us to tell use this doesn't work are entering the Computer Name instead of the Computer Identifier.

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