The following setup is typical of the Winkey II setup screens used in HRD. In our examples, the setup was for the FT-857D, however, most settings should work with most radios.


Make sure your RADIO is set to CW mode and you may have to try different "Break-In" settings (Full or Semi), or whatever is available on your radio.


The next setting, we are concerned with is in the DM-780 Program Options. Select the "Modes IDs" from the left menu. In this screen select the "CW" tab on the top of the dialog box.


In the image below, we are concerned with setting up the "Com Port" the Winkey uses to key our transceiver. In the example below, we are using Com4, however this will probably be different on your machine depending on the USB port or Com Port that you have the Winkey connected to.


Next, we set the RTS and the DTR lines to be active. The reason for setting both lines active is that Winkey uses one line for "Dots" and the other for "Dashes", just as if you have a set of paddles connected directly to your radio where moving the paddle one direction sends all dots and moving the other sends all dashes.


Once the correct port and settings are made you can close the Program Options window.


The next step involves configuring the Winkey itself.


In DM-780, select "CW (Winkey" from the Modes dropdown menu.




Once the CW (Winkey) mode is selected, the Winkey configuration screen will automatically display. At this point, click on the "Connect" button as indicated by the arrow in the image below.


Once connected, proceed to set the Winkey configuration as indicated in the two following images. The first TAB displayed is the "Keyer", where you select the type of keyer you are using and the various settings for that keyer. Please set your Winkey settings as they are below, as a starting point.




The next image is the "PTT Sidetone" setup screen.


As mentioned before, these ae the settings I use for my Winkey II, which is built into my Timewave Navigator. Hopefully these will give you a starting point for setting up your version of Winkey.



If you have any further issues or questions, please don't hesitate to contact HRD Support.