Select Port Client from the from the Tools> Programs menu.


You must define the serial port mappings before you connect to the serial port server running on the remote computer.


Press Add to define a new mapping.


Each mapping consists of:

  • Title – whatever makes sense to you. In this case we’re mapping to a K1EL WinKey on Simon’s remote station in the south pacific.
  • The local port – one of the virtual null modem ports. Here the two ports are COM20 and COM21.
  • The remote port – Simon has connected the WinKey to COM1 on the remote computer.
  • Remote port settings – WinKey uses 1200,8,none,1.
  • [X] Enable DTR and [_] Enable RTS – usually checked to provide power to a special powered cable or device. For Winkey you must check DTR to provide power to WinKey!

Remote Port Settings
Some useful remote port settings are:

  • WinKey – 1200,8,none,1 and [X] Enable DTR.
  • AlfaSpid RAS rotator – 600,8,none,1.
  • AlfaSpid RAS rotator – 1200,8,none.
  • Idiom Press rotator – 4800,8,none,1.


Press Connect to connect to the serial port server on the remote computer.


In the Connect to field enter the remote address, for example If you are not using the default port (7806) then append a colon and the port number, for example to connect to port 7808 on

In the Username and Password fields enter the username and password you have been given; these must also be entered in the configuration file.

When you have finished just press Connect.

Assuming everything works correctly the client will display log information similar to that below:


The client makes two connections; one to send data, the other to receive data. The remote server returns a list of known serial ports after the first connection is established, in this case COM1, COM3, COM4, COM5 and COM6.

Now check the Simon’s WinKey mapping and you see logfile messages as the local (COM20) and remote (COM1) serial ports are opened.


Now you can connect to the remote WinKey using COM21 (the other half of the COM20 <-> COM21 virtual cable).

If you enable Tracing you see the data sent and received as the WinKey code runs through the initialization and performs an echo-back test.


Congratulations – you can now use your remote WinKey.

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