Due to a Microsoft Windows update, when starting your HRD logbook, you may see the following error:

It means you have a incorrect Microsoft Access runtime Or a 64 Bit version instead of a 32 bit.

Try this first - go to Windows "Add/Remove Programs" find the Microsoft Access Runtime (either 2007 or 2013), click it, select "Modify", follow to "Repair", all that to complete and reboot the system. This often re-establishes the proper settings for 32-bit connections to Access.

If that method is not available, then please click the following link to install Microsoft Access 2013 32 Bit Runtime

If you get a warning that it's already installed, click the Repair option.

Be 100% sure you install the 32 bit version (x86) and NOT the 64 Bit one.

If after another Windows Update it happens again, then we advise to install the Microsoft Access 2007 32 Bit Runtime.

Other reference sources can be found here: