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Version: V6.x


Module: DM-780


Author: Support Team



Configuring Windows Sound App


When using Digital Master 780 with an external soundcard, such as the SignaLink or other type of interface that provides an external USB Audio CODEC, the Windows soundcard app must be configured so that the computer uses the USB Audio CODEC for your only your digital modes and all other sounds generated by the computer are sent to the computer’s speakers. This eliminates the possibility of transmitting unwanted audio, such as audio from a YouTube video you may be watching, over the air. We certainly wouldn’t want that to happen.

To setup the Windows Soundcard App, open your Windows Control Panel. Select the “Sound” app.


The Windows Sound App is what controls the audio flow to the various devices connected to your computer. On the “Playback” tab of the Windows Sound app, you must select the internal soundcard of the computer as the default soundcard to be used by the computer. Locate the device that’s normally used for audio from the computer, usually a Real Tech audio device. Left click in the device to highlight, then click the [Set Default] button.

Setting your Windows Sound App up in this manner will prevent any unwanted audio from the computer from being accidentally transmitted out over the air.










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