If your callsign or email address has changed, updating them is now a self-service activity.

Please click here to visit your profile in our webstore.

Changing your email address and callsign here will change this information in other systems - for the support site and your software activation key. (the process to sync this information takes 5 minutes)


  • The email address that's in the system initially is the email address used for your purchase. Try that one first. 
  • Your email address (not your callsign) is your unique identifier in our systems. Please stick with only one email address for matters related to Ham Radio Deluxe and advise us when your email address changes.
  • Please do not use alias or forwarding email addresses unless it will be the same email address you will email us from. For example - confusion is caused when your purchase is made using callsign@arrl.net, but you email us from pappysgonefishing@gmail.com. It's difficult to recognize you as a customer.

If you are requesting a callsign change, the staff will change the callsign associated with your software activation key. Once the HRD support staff have changed it, you will be prompted for your current callsign the next time you launch the software.