Updating Your Email Address or Callsign with Ham Radio Deluxe Software

NOTE: This process only works if your callsign is showing up in QRZ.com.

In our systems, your email address is your unique customer identifier - rather than your callsign.

In order to access your software activation key, obtain support and new features, and purchase renewal products, the email address and callsign used must be used and kept up-to-date.

If your callsign or email address has changed, updating them is now a self-service activity.

If you have the password, it is not necessary to have access to the email account used as your previous username to change your email address.

If you do not have access to the previous email account, and you do not remember the password, the customer support team can assist you by changing the password. This will allow you to login and update the email address.

Please click >>HERE<< to visit your profile in our webstore.

After clicking the link referenced above, you will be directed to this page. You will login as an existing customer on the left using the email address that was used for your previous purchase(s) and your password (or the one provided by the support staff).

Please do not create another account, as it will not be connected to your existing software support entitlements and order history.

Once you're logged in, you click on "Settings":

Then you can update your email address and/or callsign in these fields:

Then click "SAVE CHANGES".

Changing your email address and callsign here will change this information associated your software activation key (the process to sync this information takes up to 10 minutes).


  • If you're having trouble logging in to your profile, it's likely that the email address that's in the system initially is the email address used for your purchase. Try that one first. 
  • Your email address (not your callsign) is your unique identifier in our systems. Please stick with only one email address for matters related to Ham Radio Deluxe and advise us when your email address changes.
  • If you have forgotten your password, and no longer have access to your previous email account, please request a temporary password. The support staff will provide you with a temporary password to use with your previous email account.
  • If this process fails for you, it's likely because your NEW callsign is not yet in QRZ.com. If you add the call into QRZ.com, the process will complete normally without action from the support team as follows:

We no longer support the use of alias or email forwarding addresses (such as arrl.net addresses). Confusion is caused when your purchase is made using callsign@arrl.net, but you email us from pappysgonefishing@gmail.com. It's difficult to recognize you as a customer.

Once your callsign has changed, you will be prompted in the software for your current callsign the next time you launch the software.