Select Appearance from the Tools menu.


As you have already seen in other Ham Radio Deluxe programs you can select a skin and display theme. Select Appearance from the Tools menu top display the Skin and Theme windows.


Two images are included as resources in the executable file:
  • NASA’s blue marble and
  • David Taylor’s WXtrack
You can select an image from a file on your computer; a good site for maps is with many great options.
Select High quality for image scaling unless you have a very low power CPU, normally CPU usage will not be a big problem. The quality is noticeable when zooming.
Select Options from the Tools menu or press the Options toolbar button to display the general options:


Select Options from the Tools menu or press the Options button in the main toolbar.

Your Location Information

Location information is now stored in Logbook's My Station. Please refer to this section of the manual for detail on how to set your location (otherwise, you'll be in the mid-Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Africa).

Parallel Ports

Use this window to configure your parallel ports if you are using and older rotator controller with a parallel port connection.


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