This is a simple way of marking a frequency as being interesting – you are monitoring three QSO’s with a single radio and you want to quickly switch between the frequencies – for example during a 6m sporadic-E opening.

Each definition consists of the frequency in Hertz and mode; definitions are saved in the registry.

To switch between Quick Save definitions use the accelerator key combinations for the Quick Save menu options Next (Ctrl+F5) and Previous (Ctrl+F6).

Add Entry


Select Add from the Quick Save menu or just click the Quick Save button. An entry is added to the Quick Save pane in the Selection window.

Quick Save Markers

To display Quick Save markers in the Ham Radio Deluxe display select Show Markers from the Quick Save menu. The marker size is selected from the Marker Size option in the Quick Save menu. This only toggles the Quick Save markers. It does not toggle the Favorites markers.


The popup text is displayed as you move the mouse pointer over a marker. The text is constructed from the frequency and mode.




Ham Radio Deluxe supports two types of custom definitions:

  • CAT commands
  • User defined macros which are a combination of standard Ham Radio Deluxe input fields

Macros are selected from the Macros pane in the Selection window.

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