We will now look at the favorites manager in detail. Favorite definitions are selected from the Favorites pane in the Selection window.


Start the manager from the Favorites menu or the Favorites pane in the Selection window. It is designed to be easy to use – let’s see.

The favorites manager, as the name implies, provides a means to manage your favorite frequencies. The can be grouped in Root folders my band, mode, topic, or interest. New Root folders are created using the New Root button. Root folders can have sub folders to help further group your favorites. These sub folders are created using the New Folder button. You add your favorite frequency using the Add button.

Root folders and their associated sub folders can be turned on and off by checking or unchecking the box in front of the folder. If for example you do not have an antenna for 160m, you can uncheck the box in front of the folder and 160m will no longer be listed in the Favorites pane of the Selection window. They will still be visible, however, in the band display above the 160m band.


New Root – create a new top-level (root) folder. Folders are not saved if they are empty (no child folders or definitions). An example would be a Root Folder labeled JOTA for Jamboree on the Air.

New Folder – create a new folder as a child of the currently selected folder. An example would be to create a sub folder under JOTA labeled SSB or CW.

Sort Folder – sort the entries in the currently selected folder: • By title, • By ascending frequency, or • By descending frequency.

Add – add a new definition. If you have crated a new empty folder, you can not add a favorite frequency to it. You need to add the frequency to either a higher level folder or in a folder that has favorites in it. You can then move the new favorite to the new folder that you created earlier.


To add a new favorite frequency to an existing folder:

1. Click on the folder that you wish to add a favorite to.
2. Click on Add.
3. Enter a title for your favorite.
4. Enter the desired frequency without the decimal point.
If you are adding a frequency that starts with a single digit before the first decimal point, place your cursor immediately adjacent to the left side of the first digit.


If you are adding a frequency that starts with two digits before the first decimal point, place your cursor a bit further to the left so there is a small space between the cursor and the leading zero.


For three digits place your cursor a bit more to the left.
5. Select you operating mode.
6. Click on OK and your new favorite will be saved in the selected folder.

You can also select Add from Favorites in the menu bar to add a new definition. You can also use Cntrl+A keystroke combination to access the add function.

Del – delete the current folder or definition (depending on which you have selected).

Move – move an entry to another folder (alternatively drag entries between folders with your mouse).


1. Highlight the folder or definition.
2. Click on Move.
3. Select the new folder.
4. Click on OK.

Copy – make a copy of an existing definition.

Edit – edit the selected folder / definition.

Arrows – rearrange the selected folder / definition.

Load – load a new set of definitions from a file previously created using Ham Radio Deluxe; all current definitions are discarded.

Merge - merge definitions from a file previously created using Ham Radio Deluxe. Defaults – restore the default list (hard-coded into Ham Radio Deluxe).

Save – save current definitions to a file.

Favorites Markers

To display your favorite markers in the Ham Radio Deluxe display select Show Markers from the Favorites menu. The marker size is selected from the Marker Size option in the Favorites menu.


The popup text is displayed as you move the mouse pointer over a marker. The text is constructed from the favorite title and frequency.

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