We have received reports that we have incorrect frequencies for many of the satellite definitions in our software based on frequencies currently in the AMSAT Database.

It is definitely possible that some of our frequencies are incorrect. This is due to the fact that many of the satellites in our definitions were entered years ago and it is very possible that for some reason the frequencies were changed. 

Since the information in the Satellite Definitions aren't updated regularly, therefore they need to be updated manually as needed. To resolve the issue, open the Satellite Definitions database in Sat. Tracker as shown below.

Locate a satellite that you believe has an incorrect frequency based on the AMSAT Database and double-left click on it to open the editor and delete any incorrect data in the information window. Once you have removed any incorrect data, follow the steps below to add the new definition for the selected satellite.

1. In the "Mode" box, select Beacon, Repeater or Linear Transponder

2. Enter the RX and TX frequencies in MHz, and select the radio's                    operating  mode.

3. Enter any comment about the Satellite.

4. Click the "Add" button to add the frequency to the Satellite Definitions

When finished, click the [ OK ] button on the bottom of the editor to add the satellite back into the database with the updated information.