Can I use the SignaLink USB to control my radio, or will I need a separate CAT interface?

(Taken from the FAQ page at )

"The SignaLink USB is a sound card interface that provides the necessary hardware to operate virtually all sound card digital and voice modes, but it does NOT provide the "CAT" (Computer Assisted Tuning) hardware needed to control the radio. If you want to control your radio (tuning, band/mode selection, etc.), then you will need a separate CAT interface. We suggest checking your radio manual for the radio manufacturer's CAT interface part number (CI-V, CT-x, etc.). If you do not want to purchase a CAT interface from the radio manufacturer (these are usually more expensive), then we suggest searching the internet for a compatible unit. NOTE: Please see the question below about using the SignaLink USB with programs that offer CAT control."

Tigertronics statement about this can be found by clicking HERE.

Your SignaLink will work flawlessly for digital modes using HRD's Digital Master 780 module. It provides the ability to work all of the "AFSK" modes plus CW using the "CW (SSB)" mode. 

In addition to the SignaLink HRD Software LLC highly recommends the "Hamlink USB" which is a USB/Serial converter interface and cable for CAT control, The HamLink is available from Timewave Technologies INC. (HRD LLC's 'sister' company), located in Saint Paul, MN.

We recommend calling Timewave to order your HamLink USB. Timewave Technologies Inc can be reached by calling 651-489-5080. Speaking directly to one of their specialists and telling them exactly what radio you have will insure you will receive the proper Hamlink and cable, custom built specifically for your radio. You could also visit their website at to see other radio interfacing products including the Timewave "Navigator" which is an ALL-IN-ONE Rig Control and audio interface which includes a built-in K1EL Winkeyer for sending CW from your computer's keyboard.

Another source for a CAT interface cables is RT Systems Inc. 267 South Davis Road, LaGrange, Georgia 30241. Phone: 800-921-4834. Their website is RT Systems provides radio specific programming software and cables for all radio makes and models. 

Note: RT Systems provides software to program options in the radio such as menu settings and memory channels. Unless you are looking for this type of software in addition to your Ham Radio Deluxe you will only need to purchase the CAT control or Programming cable which is considerably less expensive than ordering their software + cable packages.

There are also other All-In-One hardware interfaces available which provide both Rig Control and Audio interfacing hardware/software in an all-inclusive package. Just search the internet for Ham Radio Rig Control products.