Ham Radio Deluxe uses dynamic data exchange (DDE) for inter-process communication. DDE allows two or more applications running simultaneously to exchange data and commands.

For more information See 3rd Party Programs.

Available Support

Select DDE Monitor from the Tools menu to display the supported DDE items.



The commands below are supported by Ham Radio Deluxe.

Add ADIF Record

Adds a record to the logbook; the record is supplied in ADIF format. Used by PSK31 Deluxe.


REFR button_status
Refreshes all buttons.
REFR dropdown_list
Refreshes all dropdown.

Set Button

BUTN button_title=value
Sets a button state. For normal buttons the value is either on or off.
If title starts with @ then it’s a dropdown, the value must be a dropdown value.

Set Dropdown

DROP button _title=value
Selects a dropdown value.

Set Frequency

FREQ <hertz>
Sets the frequency to the value supplied in Hertz.

Set Mode

MODE <mode>
Sets the mode to the supplied value.

Top Window

Makes the Ham Radio Deluxe the top-most window in the Z-order, in other words brings Ham Radio Deluxe to the front of your monitor.

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