CQ DX Marathon and Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook


The CQ DX Marathon is designed to promote DXing activity throughout the year rather than only on contest weekends and during DXpeditions. Because activity is not concentrated in specific time periods, credit is given for contacts on all ham bands, including those not normally used for contesting (e.g., 60, 30, 17 & 12 meters).

Scoring is simple: you score one point the first time you work a new country and/or a new zone during the year. Add the points up at the end of the year for your total score. There are no multipliers.

Logging QSOs with CQ Countries

The CQ DX Countries list is a combination of the 340 countries in the current DXCC list plus six additional countries that are otherwise within existing DXCC countries as follows:

CQ CountryFalls Within DXCC
CQ WAE ITU Vienna Int'l Center; 4U1V.*Austria
CQ African Italy; IG9.*, IH9.*Italy
CQ WAE Shetland & Fair Is.; 2[GM]Z.*Scotland
CQ WAE Bear Is.Svalbard
CQ WAE European TurkeyTurkey

When you add a QSO to the log for that matches one of these six countries:

  • it will show up in the totals for CQ DX awards and contests (like CQ DX Marathon) for the name in the left column, and
  • it will show up in the totals for DXCC related awards for the name in the right column.

For example:

As it applies to Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook, we then know that the score is the sum of the number of CQ DX countries and CQ zones worked in a given year.

CQ DX Marathon Score Reporting

There are two places where you will check your score.

Because your score is the combination of the number of worked CQ Zones and CQ Countries for the year, we go to these two reports to get the totals.

Get the CQ Zones Score

From this example, we get a CQ Zones score of 40 (the maximum score).

Get the CQ Countries Score

HRD Software provides an awards report that totals up the CQ DX Countries. If you don't have this report, download the report by clicking >>here<<. Then import the report by clicking on Definitions > Import (from within the awards reports view shown below).

From this example, we get a CQ DX Countries score of 194.

CQ DX Marathon Total

The total CQ DX Marathon score is 40 zones + 194 countries = 234

Remember - Reports are "Drillable"

If you want to see which CQ Zones have been worked, double click on the 40 worked zones. This will render the following view:

To view which QSOs were worked with a specific zone, double-click the zone (zone 2, for example):

If you want to see which 194 CQ DX Countries have been worked (to stick with this example), simply double-click the 194. This will render the following view:

To view which QSOs were worked with a specific country, double-click the country (Monaco, for example):

Submitting Your Score

There are three steps involved in submitting your score.

Step one - export all your QSOs for the calendar year.

You do this by setting "Selections" to the current year...

Single-click on one QSO and then select all by clicking Ctrl-A. Then right-click and navigate to export ADIF...

Save the ADIF somewhere convenient.

Step two - convert the ADIF into a submission file

Visit Jim Riesert's (AD1C) page >>here<< and follow the instructions listed there to use his program to convert the file from your ADIF to the proper submission file.

Step three - upload your submission

Submissions must be made electronically via the DX Marathon upload web page, https://www.dxmarathon.com/submission


Using this method, the author of this article managed to earn a certificate in the 2022 contest: