TQSL Not Able To Sign Certificate


LoTW made a new version that fixes the issue.

Please download and install: 



IMPORTANT: The very first thing to try is to install the latest version of TQSL as mentioned above.

A September update of the LoTW TQSL to v2.5.5 has created an issue where the TQSL will NOT sign your upload if you DID NOT established a "Private Certificate Password" at the time you requested your callsign certificate.

Until this has been resolved by the TQSL author, we can offer two work-around options.

#1. You can revert back to the TQSL v2.5.4 until the folks at LoTW have sorted this out.  Click HERE to download TQSL v2.5.4.

#2. The second work around is to keep the TQSL v2.5.5 and in the LoTW Upload dialog, just add your normal LoTW password in where it indicates to place the "private" password in the image below. This will also work until LoTW gets this issue sorted out.

We also encourage you to report this failure at the ARRL by using the following link:  http://www.arrl.org/lotw-help-ticket