Prior to getting started with the HRD Suite of programs, we need to provide the information about our station. This is done by filling in the information in the "My Station" data page.

Start Logbook
Access the "My Station" data page from the main menu by clicking on "Tools > Configure > My Station".

The image below is a properly configured My Station screen. Please be sure you enter the information as indicated in the image below. The information in this page is used globally throughout the Ham Radio Deluxe suite to provide information about your station in the different modules.


Aside from the Callsign, name, city county and state fields, the Locator and the Latitude and Latitude fields 
are required and used in the Rotor Control and the Satellite Tracking modules. You must enter your full locator. All 6 characters are required, since the Latitude and Longitude are based center of your grid square. Once you have entered your Locator, click the downward point arrow, just below the Locator field, and the Latitude and Longitude fields will be automatically populated.

The SIG and SIG Info are for "Special Interest Groups" These fields are for information purposes only and are optional as is the remainder of the empty fields.