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Logbook Prefix: 2 problems

Some prefixes are not calculated correctly.  

For a QSO with AM70URE/6, LOTW gave me credit for  AM76, but HRD showed the prefix as AM70.  

Same thing happened with  AM70URE/8 and AM70URE/9.  

The number of LOTW digital prefixes doesn't match the HRD prefixes.  (HRD's # is higher) Some of the mismatches are due to the above problems, but I haven't figured out what else might be wrong.

generated an Award Tracking report for "CQ WPX (HRD)", double-clicked the WPX digital Confirmed number and it displayed the list of prefixes.  When I selected the prefixes and attempted to copy them to the clipboard, HRD crashed and generated a dump file.  I don't remember where the dump file is, but if you want it, let me know where to look for it.


Stuart K2YYY

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 I'm having similar issue of characters being added to the WPX, it's like it's taking the first 3 characters of the call as the WPX ?

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