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Quickest Way to Toggle Between SSB and RTTY

Is there a quick keyboard sequence to toggle between SSB and RTTY? Trying to find a quicker way of switching between the two. Right now I have to navigate the ICOM 7610 menus.

Joseph. There is no need to go into the menus.  Touch the mode button on the screen or use the Mode drop down menu in Rig Control. Or make sure Rig Control is 'alive'. Select the band and RTTY on the 7610, press F9 and it will create a snapshot you can edit if you wish.


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Thanks for the response. Need clarification. The reason I'm doing this is because I have a 7610, AL-80B, and HF-Auto. 

1)Tuning process requires switching from SSB to RTTY low power to HF-AUTO to tune antenna

2)Tuning Amp

Your response seems to indicate that you can capture a selection sequence to a text file? Sorry for my ignorance. Can you provide jargon words so I can Google? Haven't had a real reason to use Rig Control until now.

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Set yiur 7610 to what ever power you need to tune your smp Rig in RTTY mode. Press F9 to take a Snapshot and you will see it in Selection /Macros/ Snapshot. You can then edit it if you want. You will have to this for each band.

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 Have done some testing on this. To enable the Macro to work on all bands, when you have made the Snapshot right click on it and select Edit. From the list of settings uncheck Enable for Frequency.

Standard Button Tune will be OFF. Leave it as that and Name the Title as "RTTY Tune OFF"

Now create another Snapshot with the same settings as above but this time double click on Standard Button Tune and select Switch ON. Name the Tile as "RTTY Tune ON". You can now have two macros to turn RTTY tune off and on. It works on any band.


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