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Winkeyer no longer sending Macros

I've searched all over the HRD site and the Internet without luck so here goes.....

Background: Rig is Flex 6600M using SSDR v 3.1.8 and I've been faithfully using HRD v6.6.0.337 for over a year for CW, RTTY and PSK. Rig Control has never been needed with my setup so I simply have Slicemaster v0.10.7b (Flex third party software) launch DM780 and then I manually start HRD Logbook. All was working well until about a week or so ago.

Problem: The CW Macros are no longer sending to the Flex in the CW (WinKey) mode. I get a "Winkeyer is not started" error message. 

Analysis/Actions: In checking Winkeyer's dialog box, it shows "Connected".  If push the Winkeyer dialog box's "test" button it transmits the canned "test de DM" to the Flex. If I change the DM-780 CW mode to "KY CMD", the Macros keys the Flex perfectly so I know the Winkeyer's Flex COM Port (COM7) is working. RTTY and PSK Macros also key the Flex normally. WSJT also works perfectly (outside of HRD).

Thinking it may have been corrupted software, I upgraded to the current HRD v6.7.0.301 and get the identical results. I've checked all my HRD and Flex Winkeyer settings (serial port COM7) and everything is as it was a year ago when I last upgraded HRD software. The only difference is that the Flex CAT Control Panel's CAT port COM5 is now showing the "Process" as "OmniRig" instead of the former "None" but Flex doesn't give the option of changing it back. Since the PC is controlling the transceiver nicely  (except for Winkeyer), I don't think this is a rabbit hole worth going under.

Before opening up a Support Ticket,  I thought one of the "Community" might offer some suggestions. Having recently been "bit" by a Windows upgrade that prevented HRD Logbook from starting (BTW, thanks to HRD for writing that timely solution email!), this is smelling of the same or possibly a "cockpit error".

Thanks in advance,


Given no obvious solutions or suggestions, submitting a formal ticket to HRD Support is my next step. I will report back on the ending to this issue so others can benefit. 73
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