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Cannot click Callsign on Digital Master 780 using PSK31

 Hello, when I am using Digital Master using PSK31, when I try to answer someone's CQ, I try to right click their callsign and then click "Callsign" so that the Macros will now use the callsign, but the entire menu from the right click is greyed out and I cannot assign the callsign.  Is there a setting I have to do to make it work ?  

Thanks for any help...

Screenshot attached

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I have probably the same problem. I can not right click on the other station information to put the information in the macro. I think my problem is due to the fact that the connection with HRD Logbook is not established. When i push the connect button to the HRD Logbook in the menu from DM780 there is an attempt to make connection with HRD Logbook, but after 1 sec. the connection fails. The logbook is on the same computer as DM 780 en the connection parameter is to " local host" with the recommended Port number. Greetz Jan PC2KP
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