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QRZ XML Lookups not working

I have had the XML logbook QRZ service for over a year, and have used it without issue across _many_ HRD installs.  After re-installing HRD a few days ago, the feture no longer works.  When I click 'lookup', it does a little "flourish" where you see a brief blue circle (like it normally does during the lookup) but then nothing happens.  I have re-entered my credentials multiple times so I know that's not the problem.  QRZ says their service working normally.  So I'm confused ... did something change in Logbook or do you have to configure something else to make lookups work?



Steve: I would check to see if the Callsign Lookup was configured properly. From the log screen, select "Configure / Callsign Lookup". From the "Enable" tab, make sure is in the left enable window, along with any other lookup options you want. You can then check things by selecting the "Test" tab and entering a callsign for lookup.

John K7KB

Hi John,

Thanks very much for the info.  It led me to the actual problem which I saw in the Test window.  Guess what?  I had changed my password and forgotten about it :)  All is working great now.


Steve - W7RD

Not a problem Steve, glad you got it working again :)

John K7KB

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