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Is there anything sacred about port 7805?

Hi All,

For some reason my Netgear router won't let me forward port 7805. This may be pointing to a bigger problem with my router that I need to address. In the meantime, I have been trying to use port 7807 to establish a connection between my remote computer and the host computer.

I am forwarding port 7807 in my router and I have opened 7807 for inbound connection on the host computer's firewall. HRDremoteSvr.exe is configured to use 7807. Nevertheless, I have not been successful in establishing a connection. If I connect to the host computer locally, I have no problem establishing a connection to my radio with the local copy of HRD.

My router forwards ports for other applications just fine.

I am using DHCP mode on the LAN side for the host computer, but I use "reservations" so all my devices (including the host computer) always gets the same IP address from the router.

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