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Connecting HRD & WSJT-X to the same radio

 I have an IC-7300 connected via the COM port to HRD.
I want to connect WSJT-X also to this radio. But, you can't use the same COM port at the same time. How can this be solved?

Good video here Luc

You can use QSO forwarding to get your QSOs into the HRD Logbook.


Luc: WSJT-X has direct support for HRD in it's Radio setup. From the menu, select "File/Settings". Click the "Radio" tab and for the rig select "Ham Radio Deluxe" from the dropdown menu. For the "PTT Method", select "CAT". Transmit Audio Source is "Read/Data". Mode should be "None". And Split Operation should be set to "Fake It".

Now if you want HRD to automatically log QSO's made from WSJT-X, like John (G3UCQ) mentioned, you have to do a bit more setup in both programs so that HRD can capture the UDP packets. I can help you with that if you wish.

John K7KB

Hi John, thanks, did was what I was looking fro:  direct support for HRD in it's Radio setup.

Luc: It sounds like you got it working OK, so that's great. Have fun with FT8 and hope to work you on the bands!

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