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Trending Issues Related to 64-bit Microsoft Office Updates

Hello since more time HRD does not suppoert users about solution of HRD connection to the LOG,

How long do we wait for ? 

I believe that HRD have to release a patch for all users to solve the big probem

Time passed.... no solutions....

do you have any news?



Hi John thanks

i am not at home now on monday i will test hope that's ok . 

thanks for quick reply

Have nice night ! 73 Maurizio

Hope you sort the problem. Sleep well.

Hi John . unistalled Acccess because i had NO "modify" enabled in my PC. it was hidden.

After following link of new Access, i installed it and run HRD LOG, it works fine now

Thanks again. Have nice day

Maurizio IK1NAF

Very pleased that worked. Have a good evening. John, G3UCQ
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